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With our state-of-the art technology, we can find out what makes your pets tick and that they are ticking like they should! From X-rays, ultrasounds, heart health, and vision, we are equipped to care for your best friend's health.


Laboratory Services

PetStar has the latest laboratory equipment to carry out a range of testing. This enables us to quickly provide you with answers to many of your pet’s problems. With the speed of in-office testing, we can more quickly diagnose your pet’s complication and begin treatment right away.
When more complicated testing is necessary, it is sent overnight to IDEXX. Our reference lab efficiently delivers results via the Internet.

IDEXX VetLab Station
VetLab is a laboratory information management system with a user-friendly touch screen. It simplifies the flow and capture of laboratory work done on pets in our care. Patient results are integrated into a single report for easy access to a patient's historical results.

IDEXX Catalyst® Chemistry Analyzer
This speedy and thorough analyzer quickly places the results of chemistry panels in the veterinarian’s hands. This allows the PetStar team to manage cases more efficiently. The Catalyst 1 Analyzer connects to the IDEXX VetLab Station, a laboratory information management system that collects all results into an electronic medical record resulting in seamless interpretation.

IDEXX LaserCyte® Hematology Analyzer
The hematology analyzer provides comprehensive, real-time results, enabling the PetStar team to offer a higher standard of care. The LaserCyte analyzer provides our veterinarians with reference laboratory-quality complete blood counts (CBCs), including a true, five-part differential and reticulocyte count. This helps the veterinarian make better informed decisions more quickly so results can be shared during the visit.

IDEXX Coag Dx Analyzer
The Coag Dx Analyzer measures whole blood clotting times for both our canine and feline friends, allowing our veterinarians to detect common coagulation pathway disorders.


digital radiology machine.jpgDigital Radiology

PetStar’s Sound-Eklin TruDR X-ray technology produces industry leading digital images with a minimum amount of radiation exposure to your pet. We can immediately capture and display your pet’s digital X-ray on the exam room computer monitor. When a consultation is necessary, we send the images to a board-certified veterinary radiologist for a specialized opinion.



Ultrasound / Echo

PetStar has the state-of-the-art GE Versana Premier Vet ultrasound that allows our veterinarians to perform advanced diagnostics on your pet. Ultrasound can help our veterinarians assess cardiac function, manage heart disease, locate abdominal tumors, metastasis and much more. The imaging of soft tissue and visualization of organ architecture provides important information to the veterinarian. Modern veterinary ultrasound provides a painless, non-invasive approach to reach a diagnosis.



EKG System

PetStar has multiple ways to evaluate your pet’s heart function. We are equipped with the Vmed PC-VetChek EKG system. An EKG looks at the heart’s electrical activity and can identify hidden heart disease. This diagnostic tool can be used to manage heart disease. We can also have these results read by a board-certified veterinary cardiologist within 24 hours.


Glaucoma Testing

PetStar’s TonoVet tonometer enables us to check for glaucoma in your pet. The handheld, portable tonometer features new technology, which allows rapid and accurate measurement without anesthetic. TonoVet’s light probe makes momentary contact with the cornea. The measurement is barely noticed by the patient, and often does not even cause corneal reflex. The benefits include:

  • No anesthetic.
  • Rapid intraocular pressure measurements for various species.
  • Calibration tables for cats, dogs and horses.
  • Clinically-tested and accurate with very little force applied to the eye.
  • Single-use, disposable probe guarantees microbiological safety.

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