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To view our Boarding camera,s please download The Guarding Expert smartphone app.  It can be downloaded here for Apple iOS devices and here for Android devices.

Once the app has been installed on your device, please follow these directions below.  This guide is also available as a PDF. Click here to view the PDF. 

1. Tap the Guarding Expert app to open

2. Select America and USA for Region

3. Tap the hamburger menu in the upper left and tap Devices

4. You will be prompted that the app would like permission to access your Camera. Tap OK to accept. You may tap cancel to deny permission to your Photo Album.


5. Tap + in the upper right and Scan QR Code

6. Scan the QR code

7. Tap the Checkmark next to PetStar Cameras then tap Add at the bottom  


8. Now you will see PetStar Cameras listed under Devices. Tap the device.

9. Tap the Pencil in the upper right to edit. Change the User Name and Password to what was given to you by the awesome PetStar staff

10. Tap Save in the upper right    

11. Tap Start Live View at the bottom

12. If you don’t see your camera, tap the 16-camera layout option  


13. You can double-tap your camera to see your single camera

14. You can also turn your phone to landscape mode for full screen mode   

15. When you are finished viewing, just tap the X in the lower right corner

16. If you want to view the live camera again, press Play in the lower right corner or tap the Camera List icon in the upper right   

17. From Camera List, you can check PetStar Cameras and tap Start Live View on the bottom

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